Dark Violation

Maquisar Journal entry 5

Today is the day we attack the magical college. I and my associates woke early to go to the market before the siege. I required a couple of magical items. Some boots and a cloak of Elvenkind. I found a shop and entered, inquiring about the price.

I intended to part exchange my cloak of resistance for the items, however a young and foolish shop assistant told me that he would give far less gold than I was wanting and that the manager would not go any higher.

So I left disappointed, however opportunity struck. As I left the establishment I happened to cross paths with our brute Kazak. Knowing that our oafish brute is subject to violent outbursts I offered him a deal. He gets me the boots and cloak and I give him the cloak I originally had. Whilst he agreed with my proposal he desired one more thing. A lock of my fine half elven hair. Whilst taken aback by this somewhat barbaric and primitive request I agreed. I gave him my cloak and took position in a tree where I could see into the shop.

Kazak entered the shop and talked to what I soon found out to be the manager. After a few minutes I saw Kazak lift him into the air and against the wall. Whilst it was a magnificent display of intimidation and fine entertainment I knew that it was my time to step in a diffuse the situation.

I entered the shop and asked what was going on. The manager was in a state of panic so I was unable to get much sense from him. What I did get from him was that he did not have the money to pay kazak for the cloak of resistance because the boy who previously served me had gone on the money run. Unable to offer me store credit I managed to strike a deal with the manager. With the manager close to tears I persuaded him that I and Kazak would leave the shop, if I was given a cloak and boots of elvenkind. The manager requested that I gave him 200 gold pieces for the equipment. That was more than a fair deal so I gave him the gold, took my equipment, applied for Kazaks behaviour and left.

I would have liked to have found the young man who served me earlier with all the gold from the shop, but I knew that I had to be back with the resistance soon so Kazak and I found the others and returned.

Catbert briefed us on how we were to get to the orphanage. We decided to go in groups. I went with the first group as advanced recon, my stealth abilities are second to none. The rest of the party came with other groups. We are sat in the room where we first met kazak. Just one more group needs to arrive and then we can attack the college from the inside.

The last group has arrived now so I must close this entry. The attack is about to begin. I don’t know what we are going to face, but I hope we don’t meet any more of those multi-limbed creatures.


Elundari jacob_capener

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